Hair loss & Scalp Micropigmentation | Saskatoon

      Hair loss, what a terrible thing to have to deal with. So many people experience hair loss; then spend thousands of dollars trying to make it grow back. Are you one of those people? Well if you are you’re not alone. You have probably tried special creams or shampoos that are supposed to be like liquid gold for hair growth. Maybe you tried over the counter medication or prescription medication. These products are all jacked up to be something amazing, and then you buy them only to find that it was a huge waste of money. Yeah, they might work a little bit, give you an extra millimetre or two of hair growth and then you get frustrated because you are not seeing results fast enough. Maybe you get great results for the first while until you slowly stop using it and then its gone again. There’s another thing, if you don’t use it every single day three times a day at the same time you wont get results. This is super annoying and frustrating. All this work and you are left feeling defeated by the world. This can bring down your self confidence greatly. If only there was a hair loss solution that was Permanent and low maintenance. Well I have news for you …. THERE IS! Scalp Micropigmentation, which often falls under the category of "Cosmetic Tattooing" is the most advanced hair loss solution in the industry today. It is basically a tattoo for your scalp, a tattoo that makes it look like you have actual hair. The best part about it is that when its done no one will even know that you have it. Chances are they don’t even know what Scalp Micropigmentation is, so how on earth would they know you have had it done? This is a one-time treatment, once done it’s permanent and very low maintenance. The cost might seem a little steep at first but when you compare it to the cost of hair transplants, or the money you’ve already and will spend on different products that are said to make your hair grow (which for all we know might be a complete waste of time and money) its really isn’t that bad. How nice does that sound, low maintenance and no more unreliable hair growth products Along with all these things SMP really gives you a whole new outlook on life. You get up, shower and out the door, throw away the hat that you didn’t want to leave the house without. You will feel like a whole new person ready to take on anything life throws you. I don’t know about you but to me that sounds freaking amazing.

For more information about SMP check out our page here, feel free to send us an email with any questions. Consultations are 100% free and no obligations. Come ask your questions, hear about the treatment and then take the time you need to decide if SMP is for you.

Whitney Carswell