Our Dermal rolling line is the most effective anti-aging treatment on the market.

It enhances the appearance of your skin, while also promoting  the function of it. This is a great exfoliating and skin rejuvenating treatment for your face.
The SKIN SPIN line is very easy to use and great to use prior to applying certain creams to promote better absorption (i.e. stretch mark creams).

+ pricing

  • It is recommended that you have treatments 1x per week for 6 weeks followed by a maintenance session every few months.
  • $150/treatment or $825 for 6 treatments + 2 free maintenance sessions.

There are 3 key functions that this treatment can be used for:

+ Exfoliating

  • Removes the top layer of dead skin leaving the fresh vibrant new skin. Dry skin following treatment is completely normal as the top layer of Dead skin comes off, leaving your skin softer and brighter. The look and feel of skin improves with rolling weekly. Many people report having a glow the day after treatment.

+ Penetration

  • Dermal rolling creates hundreds of tiny micro channels allowing all your skin care products to easily penetrate the protective skin. When using skin care serums it is important to have good penetration. This will allow your products to reach the dermal layer where elastin, collagen, and blow flow are found. When skin care products reach this part of the skin they are able to perform their proper jobs therefore enhancing the skin.

+ Rejuvenation

  • Dermal rolling improves the ability of the skin to heal and repair itself. Rolling results in tiny injuries all over the skin to trigger the body's healing response. Transformation begins once the healing response is triggered.
  • B3 is released, this is an important growth factor that induces regenerative healing, promoting natural collagen instead of scar collagen.
  • Angiogenesis (the development of new blood vessels).
  • Slows down the thinning of the epidermis, maintaining healthy youthful skin.

Scar Revision Treatments

- For acne scars, depressed or raised scars, or discoloured scars.
- Cannot work on keloid scars or scars less than 1 year old.
- Treatments start at $300.