Frequently Asked Questions


How can SMP camouflage scars?

When camouflaging scars you technician will perform a procedure called "Dry Needling". This is exactly as it sounds, a needle is used to break up the scar tissue underneath the surface. This allows the collagen and elastin fibres to rearrange themselves. Once this happens your scar will be more flush with your skin and normal pigment will come back. After this is done your technician can attempt to deposit pigment into the scar to create the illusion of hair. The depositing of pigment is not guaranteed as sometimes scars do not accept the pigment.

what is the difference between Powdered brow and Microblading?

Microblading is done with a hair stroke technique to create a natural looking brow. Powdered brow is done with solid color and appears more as though you have filled them in with makeup.

Does permanent make up hurt?

Since each person experiences pain differently  the level of pain varies, however, there are two types of topical anesthetics used  to ensure you receive the most comfortable experience as possible. One is given prior to the service and the other is given after. 

What is the difference between Russian Volume and Classic lashes?

Classic Lashes is one extension per lash and Russian Volume is multiple extensions per lash, which creates the volume. 

Does it hurt to get eyelash extensions on? 

No, it does not hurt when you get you get eyelash extensions from Meraki Cosmetic Studio. The correct approach is taken to ensure you receive a comfortable experience.