Scalp Micropigmentation is the most advanced hair loss solution in the industry today

Have you ever considered a wig or hair transplant, maybe a hair piece to glue on your head... Or maybe you have tried a different hair system? With Scalp Micropigmentation you can forget all of those. And enjoy a lifetime without worrying about your hair.

When you receive a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment for your hair loss it’s a permanent solution. Unlike Hair Transplants, Scalp Micropigmentation is guaranteed to stay, leave’s no harsh scarring, has a minimal recovery time, is minimally invasive AND a fraction of the price.


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What is scalp micropigmentation?

           Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), often referred to as cosmetic tattooing is a treatment for men and women who experience different levels of hair loss and/or thinning. Scalp Micropigmentation is a highly detailed process that creates a natural simulation of micro-hairs. SMP will not only give you the illusion of having hair but it will also give you a new way of life and a boost in self confidence. Choosing a properly trained technician that has skill and experience is most important. At Meraki Scalp Micropigmentation we can offer you just that.

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what kind of benefits does Scalp Micropigmentation have?

* Creates the look or illusion of natural fuller looking hair, Creates natural looking frontal and side hair lines

* Scars (FUE, historic plug, linear strip, accidental etc.) can be camouflaged with dry needling and SMP. Find out more on our [FAQ page][0]

* Can help resolve alopecia totalis, universalis, areata or traction, which can cause you anxiety and stress

* Builds self confidence

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requirements & Appointments

* This treatment is suitable for any person no matter what the age, gender, ethnicity or extent of hair loss.

*If you are experiencing thinning hair (all over or just some areas), receding hair lines, partial or complete baldness SMP might just be for you

* Depending on what you personally require, your treatment times will vary. Treatments are most often done over 2-3 sessions that are about 3-4 hours in length.

* Your sessions might not be done in consecutive days. Ideally about 1-4 weeks between sessions, depending on your treatment and what your technician thinks is appropriate for you

Your SMP treatment is completely confidential. That being said no one will even know about the treatment unless you tell them. If it happens you do not like the treatment (which we are sure you will) it is reversible. Once your treatment is done you will be able to forget about all those other hair systems and have something to replace it that requires very minimal to no maintenance.

        If you think SMP is something you might be interested in but are not 100% sure please come in for an absolutely FREE NO OBLIGATION Consultation. You will NOT be asked to leave a deposit or book your appointment on the day of a consultation. We want you to make sure this is something you want and ask that you take the time you need to make your decision.


Scar Revision Treatments

- For acne scars, depressed or raised scars, or discoloured scars. 
- Cannot work on keloid scars or scars less than 1 year old. 
- Treatments start at $500.