after Care & What to remember

First 3 days post treatment

* No water on the head, no shampoo, no sweating (therefore no gym work outs whether its cardio, weightlifting, yoga etc.)

* You can start resuming normal everyday things post treatment.

4 days post treatment

* You can shave at this time using an electric foil shaver only. Avoiding any scabs that haven’t flaked off yet. If you see flaking wait another 24-48 hours to shave.

* You may get your head wet with no shampoo or soap. Simply letting the water run on your head.

* You may moisturize scalp

* Start using SPF cream on scalp every day sun or clouds. Sun is the most damaging thing for your SMP.

* Light shower

Hair loss saskatoon m.jpeg

* Light sweating

* Resume some excersize, weights, yoga….. as long as there is only a light sweat

10-14 days Post treatment




* Do not use a razor until at least 10 days post treatment. You could shave off a scab that hasn’t yet flaked off and also pull out the pigment along with it.

* Regular showers can be taken after 10 days.

* You may resume all exercises provided your scalp is fully healed.

* Anti shine and matte lotions can be used

for 10-14 days

not to do hair loss saskatoon.jpg

do not's...

* Do not swim in pools, lakes, oceans

* No self tans or spray tans

* No saunas or steam rooms

* No hair colors

You will want to wait about 30 days before exposing yourself to things like chlorine, the sun, self tanners etc. When exposing yourself to sun you should ALWAYS wear sunscreen or a hat, not only for your own health, but it will prevent fading and damage to the SMP pigment.


what to remember

* It's completely normal when pigment fades as it heals.

rem saskatoon hair loss.png

* Having your treatments spread out a bit allows for your technician to see how things are healing and see if they need to touch up any areas from the first session.

* Once you're completely healed and all the pigment has faded, your hair will look natural and completely realistic.

* Maintenance is important, touch ups may be required, and there are some things that you must strongly consider before committing to the treatment.

* For men getting the Hair Replication (stubble look) you must keep your head shaved.

* Clippers, wet shave, electric razors are all options they will determine on how often you will have to shave.

* Keep your head moisturized.

* Be diligent in using sunscreen to keep your pigment.

* Density treatments require less maintenance but have different things to consider.

* With density treatments, be prepared to style your hair around the line where the pigment stops.